About Us

News Helpline is a Brand in the world of daily Bollywood Content. We are a team of Innovative, Hard working and Creative people working in media since last 15 years. We were the first to sense the changing phase of News Industry with the progress of IT industry. Hence in the year 2008 we came up with a first of its kind Bollywood News Application, a website where we uploaded Bollywood news on daily basis and our client could download this news from anywhere in the world on the same day of the event. Then with the passage of time we improved and evolved. The result is  today our client in any area of the world receives their Bollywood news (HD quality) within 2-3 hrs. post event. The value of News is very Time dependent and we at News Helpline deliver the News before thay become rumors.

The services we offer at News Helpline

News Helpline is the first news wire service in the country that provides exclusive Bollywood coverage from Mumbai. Contact us for Exclusive News, Video and Photo feed for Newspaper / Magazine / Website or Satellite Channel. We also provide content designed exclusively for mobile devices and IPTVs

Contact editor@newshelpline.com or Call - 09869822271 to hire our exclusive Content and Other services

We specialise in delivering exclusive Bollywood content at a very nominal cost. Hiring us is like having your own Bollywood News and Features Bureau in Mumbai to supply you exclusive content. Hiring us will mean that you don't need to hire a team or individual reporters. We will get the job done at less than half the price that you will need to hire reporters and sub-editors who have less than half the experience that our reporters and sub-editors have

Together we will get you everything that you always wanted from Bollywood -- right from an interview to a special photo-shoot with a A-list star. We can get you raw and/or edited video footages, news articles, interviews, features and photographs from Bollywood as it happens where it happens..
Rest assured, You will stay ahead of your competition if you subscribe to our news service.

Contact editor@newshelpline.com or Call - 09869822271 to hire our exclusive Content and Other services

List of our services (expect it to be revised if you have a special need from us)

  • Video:-

    • Raw and edited video footage of  Daily Bollywood events

    • Feature stories about Bollywood

    • All Video in MPEG4 Format (1280x720)

  • Photo:-

    • Exclusive and event-related pictures of Bollywood stars and Daily events.

    • Exclusive photo-shoots of Bollywood stars.

    • All Images in JPEG Format

  • Text:-

    • Exclusive interviews with Bollywood stars,

    • Breaking and Exclusive Bollywood News  

  • Movie Reviews:-

    • Every week Video movie reviews

    • Movie reviews by experienced reviewers

Press Release Services:-

You can hire us to feed the numerous websites and publications that have access to our press release services. Our press release services also include Video, Text, Photo, audio and mixed content. We can also prepare the Press Release (Video, Text, Photo) for you and send it to all publications and websites that carry Bollywood related content.

Contact editor@newshelpline.com to hire our exclusive Content and Other services